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March 16, 2009

SIM: the brightest spot in the 2009 Digital Outlook report

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Social Media is superhot these days and naturally I expect it to be a significant topic in Razorfish’s Digital Outlook report; and I was not disappointed ūüôā

Social Influence Marketing (SIM) is one of the eight trends to watch; social object theory right in the middle of the report, followed by secrets of powering SIM campaigns; the Pulse (tagged as one of the three things every CEO must know) and mobile, both are connected to SIM in some fundamental ways. Most importantly, in the research and measurement section (dearest to my heart), two our of three are about social influence measurement and research; both are excellent.

I am particularly fond of Marc Sanford’s Social Influence Measurement piece. ¬†Marc approaches the topic methodically, providing good conceptual lead-ins as well as rigorous measurement framework. I enjoyed its evenly paced, matter of fact writing style. ¬†Starting from discussion of the two aspects of SIM: sharable contents and people, the Generational Tag technology, Marc made it clear about the importance of separating the values where campaigns touch consumers directly versus the incremental values when the contents passing through viral media, through the power of endorsement. ¬†The methodology part and the technology part of SIM come together nicely in the article.

The Social Influence Research by Andrew Harrison and Marcelo Marer is equally interesting. There are excellent detailed discussion about the challenges that facing the traditional survey and focus group research, and how it can evolve and adapt into a new form of social influence research.

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