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March 15, 2007

Only One Thing is needed.

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The #1 skill for anyone doing anything.

I believe the most important skill, for anyone, is the quick intuitive assessment of the significance of things: how big the issue is, what the scale of the problem, what’s the scope of impact of it, the strategic significance of it.

It is this assessment that drive the next move: the level of attention and the amount of resource allocated to it; and without the right level of attention and the right amount of resource allocated to it, you can hardly get treat it with the right strategy.

The more complex the decision context is, the less rountine and predictable the incoming situation is, the more important this skill is. When facing this situation, the best strategy is to put your frontline with people with the best above skill. This is hard to do since those people also tend to be the most skilled in doing many things as well.

One justification of it comes from the optimal allocation of attention/resources in decision theory; which says that your first meta-decision before any decision is the decision for how much attention/resources you are going to allocate for RESEARCHING the issue. And normally, it is based on your skill #1.

This skill is difficult to cultivate.

June 28, 2006

Great action

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great actions are rare.  When closely witnessed, a great action is found to consist of numerous nimble actions each with graceful precision.

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