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July 29, 2008

Google’s achilles’ heel

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just a thought 🙂
There have been three search engine ranking principles at works: 1) by content match with search query, 2) by user feedback (or social search) data to query or similar query, and 3) by bidding price. The logic that used by Google Adwords is a complex combination of all three (relevancy, CTR and bid price).

For example, Amazon and Netflex represent the pure form of 2).

All three principles have their own merit and, here’s why it is important, many times one pure logic may match users’ intent better than a complicated mix.

Google’s ranking logic for Adwords evolved overtime, keeping a careful balance so far. But how far can it goes? Will a dynamic logic that mixes the three in significantly different way be a disruptive technology one day?

Your thoughts?

idea sharing with thought leaders

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you’d think idea sharing with thought leaders should just be fun and …

evil is the thinking mind

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Some perhaps less thought of reasons:
If you did a bad thing, without much of the premeditation, you are more forgivable.
If you did a good thing, with a lot of involvement of your thinking mind, then you are more suspectable of your actual motive.

I thought about Nike’s ad, what a genius!
Just do it.

July 28, 2008

The sad reality of today’s business

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The sad reality of today’s business has something to do with analytics, and technology in general for that matter, in a bit of twisted way.

July 27, 2008

When data floods, analytics is Noah’s Ark.

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get on it fast!

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