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March 26, 2007

Trading Analyatics

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What is the right analytics for trading?

I believe this is a wrong question.
(Of course, it make sense in context, like everything else. But for those truly seeking, it is a pre-requisite for it not to be limited by context, implicit or explicit).

What’s the most important contextual factors that’s been ignored? The data available.

This apply to all data analytics. In fact, one of the blind spot of the field of data analytics is the linkage between data and the form of data to analytic techniques. What’s been emphasized before are the linkage between problem and analytics.

[Data(/Form)], [problem], [and analytical technique] are the three pillars of the field.

It is not just the “problem statement” that define the context of data analytics, it is the combination of “problem statement” and the data availabilility and the form of it that co-define the analytical context.

So we have to begin with the data components before we start talking about trading analytics. And we know most people start with the wrong foot when they just assume that they are only to be using the same data that everyone using. Finding out critical data to use is such an important thing is trading analytics today, more important than what analytical techniques to choose from.

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