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March 25, 2006

data sensitivity

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data analyst is like a connoisseur, a chef
what’s cooking in an analyst’s kitchen?
people see meat, chefs see dish

some sayings

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science is the process of abstraction of the concretes …
mathematics is the process of concretization of the abstracts …

one who does not know if he/she know, does not know
one who does not know, does not know that he/she does not know

analytics is the process of destruction by reconstruction

March 9, 2006

A leader is a container

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The value a leader comes from its service, as a container’s value comes from how well it holds valuables, not from how valuable itself is.

when the things it contains are more valuable than the container, somethings felt not right.

The volume of its space is the important measure.
The material is important, but depending on what things it suppose to hold:
when holding on fluid, a rigit container is better.
when holding on rigid stuff, flexible container has merit.

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