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February 16, 2006

The physics of spirituality

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Using terminology from physics to make analogy of spiritual world can be useful, for afterall, people understand better with things they can see, hear, feel, touch, smell.

Some such mappings come to my mind at this moment:

freedom – enlightment
mass – ego
inertia – karma
motion – thinking
space – consciousness
time – mind

February 14, 2006

an example of bs in the marketing world today

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it make me laugh whenever I see the word, and more when I see a serious look on the face that saying it.



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On Bullshit
Jan 2005, by Harry Frankfurt

I marveled when I first read it at Borders in Oakbrook. It remained with me ever since — not so much becuase of its style and wit of the writing itself, but becuase I have been remind of the subject constantly in workplaces.

I went through some book reviews at amazon today. The point I think most people missed is that it does pointing out some reasons for why there is so much BS today, it just wasn’t focused on this. One of the reason people do BS that Frankfurt mentioned is when they are pressured and/or encouraged to say something when they actually have nothing to contribute. So why there is so much BS today?


Sound pretty clear to me.

February 8, 2006

this make me laugh

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“But CRM has remained stuck with the mindset of old-style advertising and PR. Thus, with CRM, we have a “war for consumers” in which there are “campaigns” where consumers are the “targets” and the objective is to score “hits.” Some even call it a “predatory” mindset.”

February 7, 2006

fundemental distrust of language

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one measure of a person’s spiritual maturity is to what degree language get in the way in his/her understanding of things.

February 2, 2006

The world is running at a crazy speed

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mind and time, the evil combo

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