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January 24, 2006

two months later

Filed under: misc — Huayin Wang @ 9:13 pm

Oh well, I guess blog is just not my kind of thing. I have kept telling myself to blog and yet ..

In the real world that parallel to this blog world, I am probably at a crossroad of some sort. I am looking for a change, but I just seem can’t get a good start.

I am looking for myself, but couldn’t find it.

I want to be still, but keep running around.

Am I lost or what?

You know, the gap between crazy and sane can be this small, this tiny amazingly small differences, this readlly really small differences; Someone made this comment to me yesterday.

Yes, if you are looking at yourself from others’ perspective. Just shout an obscense word can make this happended.

No, if you are the awareness yourself. Whatever you do, it make not much differences to the awareness itself or yourself. You are that. If you like to regard yourself as sane, you are sane all the time. And if you are insane, you have been insane all these time.

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