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November 22, 2005

I hope I will never need to read this: The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Looking for Work

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November 18, 2005

How good can you paint yourself to be?

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(you can tell how hard I am trying 🙂

1. What is your leadership skills?

I have good understanding of the capability, limitation and style of work for my team members. I also have detailed knowledge of how their projects can be done. This allow me to know how they works from the resutls of their works without needing micro monitoring of the actual process. It helps me in allocating, scheduling and evaluating works without having to rely only on what people say about it. People can work without spending much time defending or telling others how their work.

I believe a leader should focus on work, and provide vision, direction, and excitment for the team and with these be at service for the members, helping them making right decisions at critical times. It makes the working environment challenging and yet not too stressful for the team.

I believe “less is more” when come to management. I believe that when “jobs” are nicely handled, some personel and management problems can magically “disappear” without conciously trying to solve them.

What is your learning style

I like to learn things a bit obscure or things that most people do not know about.
I prefer “know things by heart” more than remembering much fact or information about things.
I trust intuitions more than logical arguments.

What is your EQ (Emotional Quotient)?

I am generally calm and not getting emotional with works or people. I do not always pay attention to how people emotionally response to things, but when needed, I can raise my awareness level and handle subtle situations well.

What is your XQ (Execution Quotient)?

Most of the time, I know how much should I trust myself and my judgement.
I am confident when I do have good knowledge and judgements on things. I do not wobble, even in crisis situations.
I am decisive but not aggressive.
I tend to avoid personal conflcit at all costs.
I thrive on people’s trust.

How do you best communicate?

I like casual and free. I do not particularly enjoy arguing, even for the purpose of understanding each other. I rely very much on my intuition than verbal expression.

I do not enjoy overt confrontation and competition.
I rely very much on intuition then verbal expressions.
I do not enjoy overt confrontation and competitive personalities.

I do not get mad or find fault with people easily, I merely avoid uncomfortable situations.

November 17, 2005

Intelligence, Wisdom etc.

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I guess I have never felt comfortable with the following words: intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, smart, sharp, analytics, intuition, sense, etc….

What are these all about? Can someone bring me back from this dizziness?

Can the sharpest mind reside peacefully with a holistic intuitive mind filled with wisdoms? Can west meet east and ancient meet modern in One Conciousness?

November 15, 2005

there is no such thing as good office politics

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just like it is useless to think how to still your mind, it is ultimately fruitless to try to play good office politics (as we have seen in the good management practice sometimes) in order to fight with bad office politics 😦

you either play or you are not play, you do not have choice between good and bad.

… this is good to remember not just for office politics, not even limited to politics …

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